Luca Tormena was born in the pieve di soligo, graduated from the ‘ university of Architecture of Venice .I.U.A.V Guido Piazzalunga was born in Bergamo, he graduated from art school in Bergamo and attended the school of design in milan . With simonetta Arcaini opened neadesign the study in 1980 . tormena – neadesign was born from the desire of the two architects to share their experiences i n a common passion for architecture and design , taking advantage of the creative potential generated by the different sensitivity . Their studio specialises in industrial design , interior design and architecture . Collaborate with the leading companies in the furniture industry , for which design products , exhibition space for retailers and stands for international fairs . Along with a team of collaborators,the studios carries out the artistic direction of all the various phases of developing a photo catalogue for all types of products.